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AME means innovative solutions to complex problems. We can design, build, relocate, lift, install, retrofit, reconfigure, or demolish it. And we will find a way to save you time, money, and effort.

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Artist Robert Winkler Sculpture Installation
Specialized Heavy Lifting/Rigging
Olympic Diving Platform
General Contracting and Precision Concrete
Removal of Chiquita Sign
Crane Services
Optical Alignment
Manufacturing Machinery Moving
Setting in Machine
Manufacturing Machinery Moving
Cyril Bath Installation
Manufacturing Machinery Moving
Reclaimer Repairs
Manufacturing Machinery Moving
SMS Press
Manufacturing Machinery Moving
Press Middle Crosshead
Manufacturing Machinery Moving
Custom Mixing Tank
Steel Fabrication
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Safety First – AME Leadership has initiated a philosophy and practice to get more involvement and ownership in our focus on Safety.  This includes an Executive Safety Committee that includes a representative from each level of employees and all divisions to come together and present work that is being done, near misses, suggestions for improvements, and successful wins.  Since this committee has begun we have made improvements to equipment, PPE, and processes that are meaningful and our employees see changes being made for their benefit.