Safety Must Be First!

For AME, safety is a core value. Priorities come and go and can shift from moment to moment and job to job, but safety is a key part in the bidding of each job, the planning of each job, and the execution of each task on a daily basis. Every job we do at AME is different – even performing the same job at the same job site but in a different location presents new challenges and hazards. With the high-risk work that we do, we empower our employees to perform their trade at the highest level. We give each employee the authority and responsibility to take action to correct any issue they see that might compromise their safety or the safety of others around them without fear of repercussion.

20160518_121501AME Leadership has recognized that safety must be viewed as a process and must be led and driven by involvement and example from the owners and top management staff. As part of AME’s proactive approach to our safety process, management put together a team of dedicated individuals that make up our safety department. Our safety department consists of Billy Powers, Corporate Director of Safety, George Calvery, Corporate Director of Field Safety, and Lyndee Fleming, Field Safety Manager.

George Calvery has over 25 years of experience in safety from multiple industries, including plastic manufacturing, steel production, and regional loss prevention management. George has completed OSHA 30 for construction and general industry, OSHA 501, 510, and 511 classes, and is an OSHA 500 Authorized Trainer for general industry and construction. He has completed Gravitic Fall Protection Competent Person and Train-The-Trainer classes, Miller Competent Person Training, and holds numerous certificates from ASSE.

George joined AME in December of 2014. Some of George’s key skills include organization, analyzing situations, training, people skills, and developing solutions. George quickly identified Fall Protection as his first major project and by February 2015 had developed and implemented a comprehensive fall protection-training program for all employees. Concurrent with this, he was working to update policies and procedures and the safety orientation program. By June, George had developed and implemented a revised two-day AME Safety Orientation and Mobile Equipment training program. George has developed a seven year Safety Process Plan for AME: a road map for AME to follow on our journey to become one of the safest Crane, Rigging, and Construction companies.

Lyndee Fleming has over ten years of experience in the construction industry and in safety management. Lyndee joined AME as our Construction Field Safety Manager in January 2016. She has a bachelor’s degree in Occupational Safety & Health from Columbia Southern University, has an AAS in Electrical Mechanical Technologies, has completed her OSHA 510 and is an OSHA 500 Authorized Trainer for Construction. Lyndee brings a wealth of hands-on field safety experience to AME and her primary responsibilities are ensuring that the daily operations of AME jobsites are following OSHA safety standards. Lyndee coordinates worksite safety activities, enforces safety rules, discuss safety issues and offers solutions to staff members, analyzes worksite safety needs, and conducts monthly safety trainings to our employees.

AME views safety as a process. AME continues to develop practices and programs to ensure that our employees have a safe working environment. At the core of this effort is our Executive Safety Committee, which is comprised of AME ownership, a manager, and employee from each area/division of the company. This committee provides each employee with a direct path for communication of major safety concerns/projects that cannot be addressed on site or on a daily basis. This committee meets once a month and provides an opportunity for all divisions to come together and present work that is being done, near misses, suggestions for improvements, and successful wins.  Since this committee has begun, we have made improvements to equipment, PPE, and processes that are meaningful, and our employees see changes being made for their benefit.

AME also established an Executive Safety Advisory Board comprised of the ownership and all upper management. This committee reviews major issues and situations presented from the executive safety committee, reviews major expenditures, reviews capital projects involving safety related issues, and approves and/or implements safety policy for AME. This committee also meets monthly following the Executive Safety Committee meeting.

The initial phases of our AME safety plan focus on training. AME has implemented monthly new employee AME Safety Orientation, Fall Protection, and Mobile Equipment training sessions, and is in the process of bringing all AME employees through this program. Other training programs currently in place or conducted as needed/required include: Confined Space, LOTO, First Aid/CPR, Bloodborne Pathogens, Specialized Fall Protection Training, and much more. Construction is hazardous work, and AME is working hard to protect our workers in this industry with outreach, enforcement, education, and consultation to create a safer work environment.