AME's New 550-ton Grove Hydraulic Truck Crane

IMG_4583AME’s Crane Division is enjoying another successful year with high utilization rates for our entire fleet of cranes. Early last year AME purchased a 550-ton Grove hydraulic truck crane to service large-capacity needs of our customers here in the area. That crane has been kept so busy since its addition that Jeff Campbell, co-owner and E.V.P. of AME and Mike Davis, V.P. of our Crane Division, determined AME needed another 550-ton crane to meet demand. So on the ocean now, from the Grove factory in Europe, is a brand new 550-ton that should arrive mid-summer. The new 550-ton will have 197 feet of main boom and a total tip-height of 443 feet!

Also new to our fleet is a recently purchased new Link-Belt 86110 hydraulic truck crane with 164 feet of main boom and a total tip-height of 261 feet. Jeff Campbell of AME says: The long boom on the 86110 will make this crane a very versatile machine for our customers”.

Pictured is Jeff Campbell of AME and Patrick Leatherwood, sales rep for Pinnacle Crane, who introduced AME to the Link-Belk 86110. The crane is ready for AME lettering to be applied.