Precision Concrete Foundations

Trust Us for Your Precision Concrete Foundation Work

Your facility not only needs a solid foundation, but also the right foundation for your specific machinery. This involves so much more than simply pouring concrete.

Things like soil type and foundation depth can ultimately affect how efficiently your machinery functions. Having a team that understands all the nuances is critical. There’s no room for error: precision is everything.

AME: Trusted Partners in Precision Concrete Foundation Work for Over 50 Years

Our high regard for technical skill, accuracy, and safety allows AME’s precision concrete foundation work to meet rigid tolerances and specifications. This separates us from the competition with a proven ability to cost-effectively meet the demands of unusual heavy concrete structures, as well as general foundation and slab pours.

AME’s expertise, manpower, and quality equipment will keep your project on budget and on schedule without sacrificing quality. See why our work has helped establish the industry standard for an impressive and diverse client base. Our concrete contractors in Charlotte, NC and South Carolina (and beyond) are ready to help. (Check out Asked and Answered: Industrial Precision Concrete.)


  • Specialty foundations, deep excavations, and shoring
  • Concrete forming, placement, and finishing
  • Structural demolition and retrofit
  • Tank farms and environmental containment
  • Simultaneous excavation, demolition, and pouring
  • Critical steel embedment
  • Equipment erection and installation
  • Pits
  • Trenches
  • Mass structure
  • Slabs
  • Machinery foundations

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