helmetsYou’ve signed the agreement for AME, Inc. to facilitate your next industrial equipment installation or factory relocation, but what’s next? Do you just show up at the job site when your new tire manufacturing line is completely setup? Not exactly.

Even though our team takes pride in offering value-based engineering and being a true partner from start to finish, we do rely on our customers to help us ensure the project plan is executed with no surprises. To help you understand what the next steps look like, this article outlines the areas where we’ll need your expertise.

Questions We’ll Ask Before Your Industrial Equipment Installation

  1. Scheduling – For larger capital projects, we’ll ask you to work with our project managers to create a logistics schedule. We understand that while we’re dismantling or installing the product line, you can’t just shut down the entire factory. This conversation will include determining a timeline so we know which machines you want moved first, when you want them in the new location and how soon they need to be up and running.
  2. Access – The AME team will also require proper access in and out of the facility. We’ll lean into you to ensure we follow your factory’s rules and will need to know where our men can take breaks, eat lunch and park their cars, for example.
  3. Safety – Last, but certainly not least, we require your team to work with the AME safety personnel. We value our employees and their contributions to our company and extend the same respect to your team and facility. We will not compromise safety by creating unrealistic timelines or taking shortcuts and will depend on your team to help us understand the safety rules and regulations.

Once we have a baseline and a general idea of what your ideal industrial equipment installation will look like, our team of engineers, project managers and operators will tap their decades of experience to devise a plan that’s the safest and most time- and cost-efficient.

Do you have a question about your current project with AME or want to discuss an upcoming job? Give us a call or request a quote. We’d love to hear from you.