powerful construction craneWhen major companies have a need for a construction crane, who do they call… AME, Inc.

Why Call AME for Construction Cranes?

Because of our equipment and experience doing safe work with small companies to Fortune 500 Companies.

Our NCCCO Certified Crane Operators were challenged with supporting the tear-down of turbine to access a 100,000 lb. rotor, lift it out of the casing, lift it back into place and finally put all the pieces back together.

Utilizing a 90-ton construction crane for the initial teardown provided the starting point allowing the 550-ton crane to come in and make the heavy lift. With the proper equipment and a well-executed lift plan, the project was completed without compromising the overall safety of the people, equipment and surroundings.

The work did not stop with the completion of this overhaul. Once the first one was completed successfully, the construction cranes and crews moved into position to perform basically the same tasks on a second unit.

Between both projects, there were over 1,000 operated crane hours. The construction cranes also helped support other contractors on the job to ensure effective use of the equipment being charged to the project.

AME showed flexibility on project timing as schedules changed often. There were five mobilizations and demobilizations with the 550 ton crane, which included the main boom with 220,000 pounds of counterweight.

The ultimate success of the project was that there were ZERO recordable accidents or incidents. True Success! Call AME for your next project that needs a LIFT from our powerful construction cranes and skilled operators.